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Diocese of Houma-Thibodaux
    • Elementary Schools
      • Central Catholic School
        Morgan City
        Central Catholic School
        2100 Cedar Street, Unit 2, Morgan City, LA, 70380
        P: (985) 384-1933 | F: (985) 384-3270
        Living and imparting the Catholic faith while offering an excellent, wellrounded curriculum is the mission of Holy Cross Elementary. An educational ministry of Holy Cross Parish, our school serves the parishioners of Holy Cross/St. Rosalie Parish as well as the parishioners of the surrounding church parishes of Sacred Heart, St. Andrew, Than Gia, St. Joseph, St. Stephen, St. Bernadette and St. Joseph the Worker. NonCatholic families who respect our Catholic values and beliefs are also served. We offer an excellent academic curriculum, grades Pre-K3 through 6, which has God’s word, community building, worship, and social service integrated within all areas. We are called to model Jesus as we encourage self-respect among all members of our community, recognize the uniqueness of each child, and enable an academic and spiritually enriching atmosphere permeated with God’s message of love.
      • Holy Rosary Catholic School
        Holy Rosary Catholic School
        P.O. Box 40, Larose, LA, 70373
        P: (985) 693-3342 | F: (985) 693-8854

        Holy Rosary Catholic School provides spiritual, academic and social development for its students in a safe, Catholic environment so that they will become witnesses of Christ’s presence in the world.

        Holy Rosary Catholic School participates in the total mission of the Church by proclaiming the Gospel of Jesus as we educate students in a Catholic environment.

        Through the collective efforts of clergy, administrators, faculty, staff, and parents we provide a curriculum that offers the opportunity for students to develop to his/her fullest potential as a member of the student body and as a member of the Body of Christ.

      • Holy Savior Catholic School
        Holy Savior Catholic School
        201 Church Street, Lockport, LA, 70374
        P: (985) 532-2536 | F: (985) 532-2269
      • Maria Immacolata Catholic School
        Maria Immacolata Catholic School
        324 Estate Drive, Houma, LA, 70364
        P: (985) 876-1631 | F: (985) 876-1608

        Mission Statement

        Maria Immacolata Catholic School maintains a high standard for academic excellence, while promoting a Christ-centered learning environment to enhance the educational ministry of the Catholic Church.

        Our Vision

        Maria Immacolata Catholic School, founded in 1965, continues as a unique elementary school educating students in Pre-K through 7th grade. When our students leave they are prepared to become productive members of our society through the individual care and concern of the faculty/staff, active family involvement, and a loving relationship with God.

      • St. Bernadette Catholic School
        St. Bernadette Catholic School
        309 Funderburk Avenue, Houma, LA, 70364
        P: (985) 872-3854 | F: (985) 872-5780
        Mission Statement
        St. Bernadette Catholic School is a Christ centered faith community, fostering spiritual growth, and academic excellence. We strive to instill in our students a lifelong commitment to learning, to Christian values, and to community service.
        Vision Statement Established in the Dominican tradition in 1962, St. Bernadette Catholic School primarily serves Catholics and non-Catholics who respect our beliefs. We are dedicated to excellence in education and to the spiritual development of youth within the framework of the Gospel and the teachings of the Catholic Church. We are dedicated to:
        Enabling children to grow in their Catholic faith in an environment where the Gospel message is taught and lived
        Encouraging prayer and worship and a spirit of dedication to serve the needs of others
        Ensuring effective education through a partnership between parents, students and school staff
        Providing a safe and peaceful environment for children where respect, social justice, and reconciliation are foundational elements
      • St. Francis de Sales Cathedral School
        St. Francis de Sales Cathedral School
        300 Verret Street, Houma, LA, 70360
        P: (985) 868-6646 | F: (985) 851-5896

        Mission Statement

        In the tradition of excellence established by our founders, the Marianite Sisters of Holy Cross, St. Francis de Sales is a family-oriented parish school. St. Francis de Sales serves the children of St. Francis de Sales Cathedral Parish, the surrounding Catholic parishes, and those children of other faiths who respect our values and beliefs. St. Francis de Sales offers a strong academic curriculum and a variety of co-curricular activities with an emphasis on Catholic faith and values, fostering the love of God and reverence for all life. We provide Catholic education in a safe and disciplined environment that recognizes and respects the uniqueness of each child.

      • St. Genevieve Elementary School
        St. Genevieve Elementary School
        807 Barbier Ave., Thibodaux, LA, 70301
        (985) 447-9291

        St. Genevieve Catholic School (Pre-K – 7th), an educational ministry of St. Genevieve Parish, exists to further the teaching mission of the Roman Catholic Church. We strive to nurture our children in all developmental areas – spiritually, intellectually, physically, socially, and emotionally. Living and teaching Gospel values, we work to build God’s Kingdom.

      • St. Gregory Barbarigo Catholic School
        St. Gregory Barbarigo Catholic School
        441 Sixth Street, Houma, LA, 70364
        P: (985) 876-2038 | F: (985) 879-2789

        Mission Statement

        St. Gregory Barbarigo Catholic Elementary School is an educational ministry which strives to ensure, through study, prayer, service and discipline, the Christian formation and the academic success of all its students in a nurturing and caring environment. St. Gregory primarily serves Catholic families; however, we also welcome those who respect our Catholic values and beliefs.

        Nurturing the gifts of each child in a Christ centered environment!

      • St. Joseph Catholic Elementary School
        St. Joseph Catholic Elementary School
        501 Cardinal Drive, Thibodaux, LA, 70301
        P: (985) 446-1346 | F: (985) 449-0760

        Mission Statement

        With Jesus as our role model, St. Joseph Catholic Elementary exists to educate the youth of the area spiritually, morally, academically, and socially in a safe, Catholic, Christ-centered environment.

      • St. Mary's Nativity Elementary School
        St. Mary's Nativity Elementary School
        3492 Nies Street, Raceland, LA, 70394
        P: (985) 537-7544 | F: (985) 537-4020
    • High Schools
      • Central Catholic High School
        Morgan City
        Central Catholic High School
        2100 Cedar St. Unit 1, Morgan City, LA, 70380
        P: (985) 385-5372 | F: (985) 385-3444
        With Jesus Christ as our focus, Central Catholic High School provides an environment for academic excellence while fostering the ongoing formation of the whole person—soul, mind, and body. In continuing to build the Kingdom of God on Earth, we follow the sacred traditions and teachings of the Catholic Church.
      • E. D. White Catholic High School
        E. D. White Catholic High School
        555 Cardinal Drive, Thibodaux, LA, 70301
        P: (985) 446-8486 | F: (985) 448-1275
        he mission of Edward Douglas White Catholic High School, a Houma-Thibodaux Diocesan co-education institution serving Thibodaux and the surrounding areas, is to impart the Catholic faith, promote academic excellence, and enhance self-esteem.
        E. D. White builds upon a strong tradition of Catholic education begun by the Sisters of Mount Carmel in 1855 and the Brothers of the Sacred Heart in 1891. Dedicated lay men and women who staff E. D. White have taken up the mission of passing on this tradition which emphasizes a values-oriented curriculum, respect for the family, and promotion of the total growth of the individual. In addition, it strives to promote a sense of Church which will be lived out through involvement in local church parishes. The school serves students in grades 8 through 12 and offers a strong college preparatory curriculum as well as a general curriculum. The school is committed to serving the Catholic communities of Thibodaux and the surrounding areas.

        E. D. White Catholic High School is open to all students and does not discriminate on the basis of race, creed, or national origin.
      • Vandebilt Catholic High School
        Vandebilt Catholic High School
        209 S. Hollywood Rd., Houma, LA, 70360
        (985) 876-2551

        Vandebilt Catholic High School, founded by the Marianite Sisters of Holy Cross in 1870 and continued by the Brothers of the Sacred Heart, is a diocesan co-educational institution for grades 8-12 in the Diocese of Houma-Thibodaux. We are committed to spiritual formation and academic excellence in an environment rooted in Catholic values and in the teachings of Jesus Christ.

        We primarily serve Catholic students of our diocese in a caring and orderly atmosphere. We offer a college-preparatory curriculum and stress a personal spiritual approach to the education of the whole student through diverse academic, athletic, and co-curricular programs.